Webster Groves – Century Home 2-Story Addition

Project Description: Century Home 2-Story Addition in historic Webster Groves. The design allotted for a new finished basement, expansion of existing family room and a new master bathroom on the 2nd floor. The exciting part of this design was matching the charming characteristics of the century home with contemporary pieces on the addition portion of the home, items such as the aluminum clad windows, colonial style columns, porch balusters, etc.

Here’s the house when the addition is nearly completed!

Bonita 7
Preparation of Site for Excavation

Bonita 9
Excavation in-progress

Bonita 8
Excavation complete, shoring installed to support existing bay window

Bonita 11
Foundation footer poured

Bonita 12
Form work being set in-place

Bonita 13
Cast-in-place basement walls cured and ready for decking

Bonita 5
First floor beams installed with decking attached

Bonita 1
First Floor Walls

Bonita 2
Beginning to install Roof Trusses on 2nd Floor Walls

Bonita 4
Whole house is framed as construction of deck is being laid out

Bonita 3
Final pieces of siding being installed per lift onto Gable End

Columns for covered porch matched to the original 100+ year columns

Ready for Final Paint as lattice and picket fence installed

IMG_8893 IMG_8886 IMG_8884  IMG_8876 IMG_8872 IMG_8865
Interior views of recently completed bathroom and transition into new family room.

Working on final trim details for front porch.